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Equipment in Hyper Universe is divided into two categories, Common Equipment and Hyper Specific Equipment . All equipment possess passive statistics as well as provide passive or active abilities or even both.

Hyper Specific Equipment[edit | edit source]

For information on Hyper Specific equipment, click the above header or here.

Loadouts and Gameplay[edit | edit source]

A loadout include 6 unique equipment. By default, playable hypers possess a predetermined loadout and an empty loadout slot. Players may customize either slot, revert changes, delete, and copy and modify other loadouts. Loadouts allow 1 of certain type of equipment, such as Boots and Accessories, and equipment share similar abilities. Each hyper can have upwards to 6 loadout slots which can be purchased for 6,000 gold or unlocked via crafting.

At the beginning of a match, the player selects the loadout to use in game. The loadout cannot be changed after it has been selected. As the match progresses, the player spends acquired gold to upgrade equipment. Equipment possess a number of stage tiers of upgrading ranging from 2 to 5. Each stage grants additional statistic bonuses and even passive or active abilities. The final stage of most equipment provides a significant statistic increase and/or a passive or active trait. General strategy suggests to maximize upgrading a single item to reach the more significant abilities. However, there are options to upgrade equipment based on the individual need or to a certain stage rather than completely upgrading it.

Common Equipment[edit | edit source]

Common equipment can be equipped by all hypers and provided various statistical benefits. Certain equipment cannot be equipped with similar common equipment or Hyper Specific equipment.

Common Equipment

Boots[edit | edit source]

Boots are common equipment that greatly enhance Movement Speed. Only one of its type may be equipped on a loadout.


Accessory[edit | edit source]

Accessories are common equipment that provide active buffs. Only one of its type may be equipped on a loadout.


Gear Based on Statistics[edit | edit source]

Attack-Based Defense-Based Auxiliary-Based Specialized
Attack Critical Damage Reduction Cooldown Reduction Accessory
Attack Range Damage Over Time Reduction Max Mana Aura Generation
Attack Speed Damage Reflection Mana Regen Gold Obtained
Critical Rate Defense Movement Speed Siege
Defense Bypass Health Regen Vision Ward
Defense Penetration Interference Reduction
Life Steal Interference Protection
Damage Over Time Max Health